Yoshi’s Fabrication Station Downloads

Welcome to the download page for YFS! If you want to run the game as a desktop app, there’s 2 ways to do so:

METHOD 1: Download as Chromium App

Both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge allow you to run the game as a desktop app. This means you can access the game from your desktop, even when you’re not online!

Step 1: Run the game on the fullscreen page.
Step 2: Once the game has loaded, a download button will appear inside your address bar.
Step 3: Run the game from your desktop, and have fun!


  • The game’s save data is shared between this app and the browser version on the game itself, meaning the save data will also be cleared when the saved website data gets removed.
  • This version supports auto-updating.

METHOD 2: Download as Windows Desktop App + Older Releases

Download desktop builds for Yoshi’s Fabrication Station (stable releases only) here! Make sure you have a 64-bit computer with Windows 10, altho some older versions of Windows will also likely work.


  • in case your OS or computer is not supported, you can try out the HTML5 version as well as the first download method.
  • Do not load levels from newer releases in older versions: content that the game does not recognize could be removed from your level.
  • These builds do not auto-update.


Version 3.10.2 (Palette Update)



Version 3.9.3 (Palette Update)


Version 2.3 (Yoshi’s Island Essentials Update)