This is a list of older big SMC updates released. Note that you shouldn’t be loading your current levels in older versions; they may not work.

Super Mario Construct Version 1.0

The launch of SMC, on the 28th of October, 2019.

Super Mario Construct Version 2.0

This is the Winter Update, as it came out around Christmas/New-years! It added many snowy features.

Super Mario Construct Version 3.5

The Water Update, hydrating the game, and also adding a ton of new other content. It was one of the biggest updates.

Super Mario Construct Version 4.10

The Volcano Update received the most updates so far, and added many new crucial features, such as the volcano theme, advanced changers, Dragon Coins & heavily customizable platforms to end off with.

Super Mario Construct Version 5.1.1

The Power-Up-date added many new power-ups, but also a very crucial dinosaur; Yoshi! It also added the Star Road theme, and the Kuribo Shoe.

Super Mario Construct Version 6.2.1

The Halloween Update, released in October of 2019, finally added a big variety of Boos to the game, among other spooky enemies and the Ghost House tilesets – and a new minigame: Boo Busters!

Super Mario Construct Version 7.2.3

The Anniversary Update, released a year after SMC’s 1.0 launch, added some features from planned updates early, such as conveyor belts, the autumn tileset & the King Boo boss.